Hi, I’m Bruce Ross.

We live in " interesting times" and we need good people to lead us through.

My expertise lies in the realm of the “inner game of leadership”. My approach to leadership development is research-based and has been honed over 37 years of working directly with the full spectrum of leaders: from emergent through to established.

The resulting framework (FlowPreneur™: Unshakeable Bold Leadership) is designed for leaders who want to use these disrupting times to double-down on their own development to build others up. It’s a blended learning program that enables business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs to Lead Bigger, Live Better and experience Actual Traction.

Day-to-day, this shows up as maintaining an inner state of calm (skilled deliberate regulation of your nervous system), performing under pressure, recovering rapidly, unlocking creativity, learning at speed …. as well as savoring the magic moments with their family, their friends and themselves.

I have spoken at over 30 annual conferences, and have been published internationally – on the topics of leadership, optimal performance mindsets and accessing peak performance. I’ve created and delivered MBA-level Leadership Development programmes and University Short Courses for over ten years.

I’ve also worked with street kids, high-potentials, solo-preneurs, business owners through to CEOs and the leadership teams of some of New Zealand’s most respected and iconic organisations.

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