Thrive despite Uncertainty 

LEAD BETTER. LIVE BIGGER. Perform under Pressure. Recover Rapidly. Unlock Creativity.Take Bold Action ... at work

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Discover a proven system that scales your leadership capacity and deepens your impact - across both work and home.

One that, despite everything that's going on, enables you to 
Lead Bigger and Live Better.

Apply a simple approach that doesn’t rely on fake it ‘til you make it’ strategies, is ineffectual, or adds complexity to your life…

A system that stimulates innovative thinking to lead bigger and calmly navigate complexity and disruption… as well as deepen levels of trust and the development of yourself and your team.

Join us and sneak a peek under the hood of Bruce Ross’ unshakeable bold leadership system: FlowPreneur™.

Let us demonstrate to you…

  • How this one-word insight is what actually pre-determines your levels of leadership impact. Its influence is far greater than mission, vision, values... or execution... or legacy... or even EQ.
  • How to predictably and regularly access peak performance Flow-states - at work and at home.
  • How to build stress-resistant performance through the next evolution of mindset tools: Mindset BLUE (science-backed super-rituals)

During this Free, Live and Insightful Training: 

You will see first-hand, a unshakeable bold leadership system that's actually delivering, right now, in these challenging conditions... for business owners and leaders at any stage of their development.

It's the multiplication of your drive ('Preneur') with 'Flow' (feeling and performing at your best). And once this is operational in your life, well, that’s when the fun really begins.

Here's what that looks like... 

It’s Monday lunchtime and, while sipping your coffee, you feel a smile spread across your face as you appreciate the momentum you’ve created in your life (inspite of everything that's going on...)

  • Your whole team was buzzin​​​​g at the​​​​ weekly ‘standup’ meeting – they’re highly engaged
  • You look at your To Do list and realise you’ve achieved more by midday than what used to take you the whole day
  • You feel good about the person you’re becoming and the family-harmony you enjoy
  • You have a clear sense of direction, and are confident you can handle the  future – whatever may arise

Sounds good, right? It really is.

Results are what really matters… and that’s what you’re learn about from those who have applied the science-based FlowPreneur™ system.

  1. 1
    Secret #1: Most think leadership is about execution... or vision... or legacy or...[insert yours] BUT the truth is, overlook this one thing and all the above will flounder
  1. 2
    Secret #2: There are three fundamental guide rails essential for thriving during uncertainty or significant challenge.
  • The 'One-Word' Insight
  • Stay in the Blue
  • Your Occasional Third
  1. 3
    Secret #3: The element most training avoids or gives ‘lip service’ to - the key to embedding your learning and ensuring implementation mastery.

Your Presenter:

Bruce Ross

Leadership mentor and creator of the science-backed, transformational FlowPreneur™ Model, Bruce has written and presented globally on his specialist subject: How to build stress-resistant mindsets and performance - in leaders, and their teams.

His clients regularly express delight at how achieving centred-calm and deliberate 'Flow states' was far simpler than they'd imagined... and that now they actually enjoy taking increasingly courageous action.

Places on the live training are limited!

BTW, come prepared to take notes. 

The demo will stimulate a lot of fresh thinking....
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