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If you are on this page, you may be looking for more information on the how to join a FlowPreneur™ Program.

The core concept behind FlowPreneur is multiplying your innate drive, mojo, spirit ("preneur") with Flow... those peak states of consciousness when we perform our best and feel our best.

So, Leading Better. Living Bigger.

Please note that you won’t be able to join a program without meeting me first.

That’s because there are three different options for you to engage with FlowPreneur™ and I want to make certain that you get the option which is best suited to your budget and needs.

Also, I recommend FlowPreneur™ to only one in three people I chat with. And if it turns out that FlowPreneur™ is not the right option for you, I can normally recommend someone or something that would be a better fit for your needs.

So that we can have that conversation, please click here to go to the page which explains how our meeting will work.

Alternatively, I highly recommend you first attend a live demonstration of the FlowPreneur™ model (45 mins + Q&A). There is nothing to buy. It’s a pure value-add demonstration where you’ll see the multi-layered transformations this leadership system delivers.

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If you want to know what makes 'FlowPreneur™' unique, here’re seven reasons that our clients tell us why FlowPreneur™ is their #1 choice when it comes to building an Unshakeable Mindset, taking Bold action and embedding peak performance across both their work and personal lives.

Reason #1: Cohesive and Comprehensive Content

FlowPreneur™ is about experiencing personal evolution. Its four modules are designed to metabolize both of the two essential transformations  – the fast (psychological / mindset) and the slow (physiological / repeated behaviors).


1.     MINDSTATES: You'll experience rapid mindstate reset – notably, near-elimination of stress, worry and overwhelm; this restores your inner calm and laser-focused thinking. It also dramatically reduces energy loss, so more energy is freed up. This is why MINDSTATES training comes first.


2.     MOTIVATORS: So where to direct that newfound energy? Into the person you were meant to be and become – into crafting your mission-driven identity. This takes time, so to connect to your own perpetual energy supply, the MOTIVATORS module stacks your innate motivators (purpose, passion, strengths etc). This is how you build stress-resistant self-certainty and drive.


3.     MASTERY: All these new skillsets need to be sustainably integrated… embedded into daily habits. MASTERY is the ‘How to’ of the slower transformation – habit implementation, deliberately designing your life in a way that re-enforces the person you want to become.


4.     FLOWPRENEUR: Building on this solid foundation, you can sustain Unshakeable Bold Leadership… specifically,  how to, perform at peak levels and intentionally and regularly experience Flow states... those productive, highly memorable, knee-bending moments that make life worth living.


All this integrated into one, cohesive program.

Reason #2: Learning that’s simple and supercharged

I get it, you’re probably like most of my clients – time poor! But despite being extraordinarily busy, you’re highly motivated to improve, to finesse all you do.

This programme does more than just fit in with your tight schedule;  its' key concepts find you time. The content delivers cut-through insights. Each module is comprised of bite-sized sessions, with short videos and simple exercises that incrementally build on earlier sessions.

You can either binge or take your time, your call.

Reason #3: It Works! Actionable insights backed by latest science

The inner game of Leadership is an art, and many of leadership’s essential skills are described as ‘soft’ skills (empathy, authenticity, presence, resilience etc).

With the advances in science (neuro-biology, neuro-chemistry, positive psychology, Flow science etc.) these seemingly elusive abilities now have an empirical base – they’ve been codified. They are therefore trainable and repeatable. [The obvious example is ‘Flow’ itself.]

This programme is a blend of ‘why?’ (the scientific validation) and ‘how?’ (simple and effective tools). It equips you with extraordinary (self) leadership technologies; a toolbox of proven hacks and tips that are underpinned by hard science. That’s why the program so effective.

Reason #4: Actual Access: Direct access to me weekly (or fortnightly)

We meet personally (apart from when you or I are on holiday) to review progress, answer questions, provide examples, give specific feedback or whatever is needed.

You also get my mobile number. I’m comfortable giving my clients my number because, regardless of how large of small their investment is, they virtually never need it. That’s because the communication and support systems you get within FlowPreneur™ are such that it’s unlikely you’d ever need to contact me outside those options.

Reason #5: Measurable increase in Flow on your way to Mastery

This is a program of traction; measurable improvement, actual transformation, personal evolution. Stay with the program and this will happen.

How do we ensure this?

  • Mastery Section: One of the FlowPreneur™ Model’s four primary elements is ‘Mastery’. Because habits are the building blocks of Mastery, this section is dedicated to the mechanics of habits. It breaks down every step (provides the why and how) to building liberating habits and breaking constraining ones.
  • Accountability partnering: One of the most effective commitment tools is social contracts (speaking your commitments aloud to others). Accountability partnering not only helps keep you on track, but you get to teach what you’ve learned, essential in rewiring your brain
  • 12 month’s support: Typical course content assimilation is 12 weeks but embedding peak performance takes far longer. That’s why your support continues for a full twelve months.

Reason #6: Deep Individualisation. Solutions that resonate within your lifestyle

The first step in any leadership development is self-awareness. [e.g. reflecting on the day and asking what worked, what didn’t, what changes do I need to make?]

This program takes this concept to a whole new level – radical self-awareness [observing then consciously recalibrating your operating system]. Self-exploration begets discovery and you get to answer prompting questions such as

  • What phrases activate my inner resistances / internal limitations?
  • What is my Flow profile? My primary and secondary flow activities?
  • What is my unique Resonant purpose (in 2-5 words)?
  • How can I embed my top ‘active recovery’ activities? And so on

FlowPreneur™ is the super-blend of you (your operating system) multiplied by powerfully transformational tools.

Reason #7: My Depth and Breadth of Real-life Experience

My experience includes: 

  • Speaking at over 30 annual conferences, and being published internationally – on the topic of leadership and accessing peak performance states.
  • Creating and delivering MBA-level Leadership Development programmes and University Short Courses for ten years.
  • Working with street kids, high-potentials, solo-preneurs, business owners through to CEOs and the leadership teams of many of New Zealand’s most respected and iconic organisations.
  • Personally coaching over 1200 business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Embodying the programme’s core concepts through regular marathon and ultra-marathon trail running.

37 years of experience, learning and service has been distilled into this programme.

The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely (and quite rightly) believe that there is simply no better choice for embedding peak performance across both your personal and business lives, than FlowPreneur™.

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