What Others Have Said About Bruce Ross’s Programs

Please note that the following results are from some of my clients who “imperfectly persisted” in implementing the strategies from my program. Results like these are not achieved by all clients and the results you experience in working with my program may vary and are dependent on many factors external to my control.

Lisa and Steve Stone | Realtors

‘Elite Club’ Performers

(Top 2% nationally for the last three years)

"Of all the training we’ve had… this has been the most powerful"

Of all the training we’ve had over 25 yrs, Bruce’s flow training has gone deeper and had more positive impact than any training we’ve undertaken… been the most powerful.

We’re calmer, more focused, more positive and enjoy a far greater sense of ease and certainty. Distraction is down, productivity is up, results are up and our personal relationship is stronger as well.

Denise Haszard | Barrister

"My profession was killing me… now, I’m so clear about who I am in the world, I’ve rebranded"

My Challenges

I was working to become a highly regarded and respected authority as an Appeals Barrister… but it was killing me.

I was over-analysing, plagued with self-doubt and not sleeping. I was deeply questioning if I could continue doing this any longer. I even thought it had broken me. 

What I wanted

Greater clarity around my purpose. The ability to remain calm especially in courtroom hearings. I also wanted to be a better parent – not so distracted or stressed.


Program Impact

My life has changed. I feel lighter and have a whole new vision of what is possible. I am so much calmer and bust through procrastination. I have tools to refocus and re-energise.

I became so clear about who I am and what I bring, that I rebranded, set up a my blog, upgraded offices, and took on significantly more challenging clients. Within three months, my bottom line had gone up 175%

Unexpected Benefits

Feeling so much more  capable and present as a (solo) parent of two. I can ‘hold the line’ with my daughter. They’re even applying the mindset skills in their lives and it’s been great to see them grow.

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Trish Drake | Realtor

"Massive self-sabotage… now, confidence at 8/10. Commissions up 40%"

My Challenges:

I had several significant patterns of self-sabotage that were severely undermining my efforts and performance. What was worse, I couldn’t shift them; I had almost resigned myself to accepting them. It had got so bad that I had lost my once-dominant position in my favourite territory.

What I Wanted:

What I wanted was to get my confidence back; to dominate my territory again; to feel I was making progress in all areas of my life.


Program Impact:

With Bruce’s programme, my whole world changed – I’m back in the driver’s seat. I now have 60% domination of my territory (and growing); confidence levels have gone from 3/10 – 8/10; I’ve reconnected to powerful skillsets I had completely forgotten about. Productivity is up 20%, commissions are up 40%. I no-longer over-think things.

The whole process has just been brilliant. My reputation has gone up, I’m more grateful and compassionate and I now have far more quality time with my family (very important to me).

Unexpected Benefits:

What was unexpected, was the lift in my overall happiness. It is now consistently 9-10/10 (and it’s not fake happiness, it’s an easy joy).

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Dr. Anna Kirk | Barrister

"I was so busy that I was missing out on precious moments with my children"

My Challenges:

The overwhelm of a massive ‘To Do’ list. So, perpetual busy-ness and a lack of balance. Family is very important to me and there wasn’t the time to spend with them

I realised that in the state I was in, I could wake up in 10 years and it could feel like everything’s passed me by – I was that busy.

What I Wanted:

Work / life balance (quality time with my family) as well as living in a state of balance  - both are important to me


Program Impact:

I loved the simplicity of the process. I was surprised by how well it worked.

Stress dropped from 7/10 – 3/10. My productivity lifted by 30+% (I no longer fluff about). I am far more comfortable with the really challenging files.

 I am living the life I want to live, with a greater sense of ease and flow. I have a strong sense of wellbeing and satisfaction with where I am

Unexpected Benefits:

I was surprised how quickly I could alter my perspective on those bigger blockers. It happened so quickly and without much effort

I have never done any programme that has given me so much pleasure – across work and family.

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Terry Baucher | Director. Tax Expert

"Achieved national-level ‘Thought Leadership’ positioning… because of Bruce"

I’ve worked with Bruce for over 6 years. His impact has been massive. Beyond the firm’s 20% bottom-line improvement, year-on-year, he has focused my mindset and confidence. 

Through his guidance, I’ve become an acknowledged Tax Thought Leader (regular tax commentator on TV and radio, selected as the independent advisor to the Government’s Tax Working Group, and co-authoring a book). He broadens your thinking horizons.

Mary Ansell | CEO Starjam

"Dithering and second-guessing myself… now, confidently chasing 2x growth."

I went from dithering and second-guessing myself to chasing the hard stuff. My courage is now at a consistent 8/10 – and ‘readily accessible’. 

As a result, we’re well underway to doubling the organisation’s numbers; for a not-for-profit, that is huge. 

Bruce is no-hype, authentic and effective. I have the utmost trust in him.

Lloyd Berryman | Attorney

”I was underwhelming myself… I needed to reactivate… but didn’t know how”

My Challenges:

I lived within a sense of overwhelm and consequent inaction. There was also a readiness to take a defensive stance (ready to go to war) across a number of areas of my life.

There was also a gnawing awareness of self-underwhelm, being stuck within my comfort zone and not knowing how to get out.

What I Wanted:

Growth in my practice, plus being a better leader to my team. I wanted to be a fuller version of myself – more productive, more fulfilled, a stronger communicator.

I needed a practical, grounded approach to removing blocks, training my mental state and reactivating myself.


Program Impact:

My practice has definitely grown… in terms of 1) market share 2) depth of connection with my clients, 3) leading my team and 4) seeing them thrive.

I feel far freer in myself–my confidence has risen from 6/10 – 8/10. 

Productivity has gone from 7 – 9/10 and that was even sustained this through the Covid lockdown disruption (a solid 20% uplift in through put).

I enjoy a much deeper sense of connection with clients, colleagues and especially family and friends.

Overall well-being has risen from 6 – 8/10. It’s been a very positive spiral.

Unexpected Benefits:

Two things: The levels of joy I‘m now experiencing at home. I’m having more fun and really enjoying the time I spend with my wife and the boys. I wanted this but didn’t think it would be a consequence of this program

Getting into flow on a more consistent basis. Before it was hit-and-miss but now I’m far more consistently present and focused.

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Elle Wuthrich | Financial Advisor

”Stress from 9/10 – 3/10… productivity up 70%... all round better person”

My Challenges:

I had been struggling with 9/10 stress and anxiety levels for a couple of years. I was forgetting things, lacked focus at work and always tired because I couldn’t sleep.

This impacted my self-confidence especially as I was in a new industry that I recognized was my calling.

What I Wanted:

I needed personal clarity but far more than just a standard plan. I needed tools to help lift my confidence and help me feel comfortable with who I am. I was after a rapid personal evolution toolbox.


Program Impact:

The change has been dramatic. Now I am a new relaxed person (anxiety is at a 3/10).  Happiness levels are now at a consistent 8/10. Productivity has gone up ~70% - I'm able to smash out work far quicker. I feel like an all-round, better person. To have got here without therapy or medication is incredible.

Unexpected Benefits:

I am more grateful now than I have ever before. I was not expecting that because I was always worried about the future– now, I’m really positive with where I am and the future.

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